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Sleeping with allergies – woolen blankets

woolen blanket BIFL

I was diagnosed with various allergies when I was quite young. At that time in a post-soviet hospital, they made needle scratches on my forearms and put drops of allergens on them. My arms were bright red and itchy almost instantly thus I was diagnosed with allergies from A to Z… As my mom noticed, one of the biggest problems I had was when I was asleep – I had difficulty breathing. So my mom listened to the doctor’s advice and changed my feather pillow and heavy unnamed blankets to synthetic ones. This was done in order to ‘cure’ my shortness of breath which was caused by dust mites that lived in my feather pillow and blankets (they thrive in bedding made from natural materials). So from that point on, I was always living and sleeping only in my synthetic bedding, until….

…I moved in with E and started sleeping under woolen blankets and, to my surprise, I didn’t have breathing problems while sleeping. For 6 years I considered it a ‘miracle’ until I noticed that I was too hot sleeping under my thick woolen blanket in the middle of winter heating season. Then while browsing for thinner alternatives I discovered the simple truth behind my ‘miracle’ – wool does not accumulate dirt (like dead skin cells) and dust, thus dust mites can’t live there and cause allergies.

So here I am, under a thin woolen blanket which will probably be good to sleep under until summer heats and will last me a lifetime. Another magical aspect of wool – it can help self-regulate the body temperature being under the blanket. It rarely gets too hot to sleep unless the room itself is like a sauna.

Btw, in all fairness, old and heavy woolen blankets from soviet times do not have the same effect on me. I can’t be anywhere near my mom’s dusty woolen blankets, but the ones provided by my mother-in-law (which are at least 20 years younger) work miracles. I guess it can be related to wool density, the way it was produced and cared for because you can smell dust and cloth moth on some of them and the others are way fluffier and lighter. The latter also ages much better – with time it can lose some of the fluffiness but rarely its essential properties.

So don’t let allergies stop you from enjoying good night’s sleep and natural things provided by nature and produced by humanity.

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