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Washing your cast iron pan

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The Internet is full of various recipes on how to properly wash a cast iron pan after cooking. As I am quite lazy on that matter, I probably shortened most of them and developed a process fit for our family. We basically repeat this process every time after we cook or stew something with the pan and there is food left stuck to its walls or cooking surface.

If there are no food residuals stuck to the pan or it can be cleaned easily with soft material – there is no need to go through this process. You are good to go for your next cook-off.

By the way, the secret to successfully cooking with cast iron pan is that you MUST first preheat the pan with oil until the oil starts steaming a bit and ONLY then place the food in the pan. If you won’t have patience and will put the food earlier, it will get stuck to the pan, the food will get ruined and after cooking you will have a lot of work scrubbing and washing the pan.

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Washing your cast iron pan

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  • cast iron pan with food residuals
  • cup of water
  • sunflower or olive oil



Pour the water in the pan, better to it right after cooking while the pan is hot. Put enough water to cover the dirty inner walls of the pan.


Boil it till the water starts bubbling and then keep it like this for several more minutes. Water will start vaporizing quite rapidly.


Take the pan to the sink and pour out all the water, rinse the hot wet pan with soft tissue and sponge


Put the wet pan on the stove and let it heat until it will be completely dry


Pour just enough oil into the pan to cover the whole cooking surface. Let it distribute evenly


Heat the pan for a few minutes on the stove, the oil will start steaming. That is your cue to turn off the heat and let the pan cool off


Don't be afraid to heat the pan with water or oil until it starts steaming. That is a very good marker to know when the process is finished.

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