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Unknown treasures in second-hand shops

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This story of my success in second-hand shops has foundations lain in my home town and evolved when I moved to Kaunas and latter, to Vilnius. I found out that bigger cities had bigger and better second-hand shops where you could find almost new but off-fashion clothes. Frankly, I was never interested in fashion, rather I had my own idea of how I wanted to look and what suited me and my figure. This served me well and helped to save a lot of money as a pupil, student, volunteer, animal lover and a person from a lower working class.

Don’t judge me, ok? From experience, I can say that not all second-hand shops are the same quality-wise. In order to successfully shop in such stores, you have to establish 3 things first:

  • what you want to buy;
  • where to go to find the best price and quality ratio;
  • what is the best time to go shopping.

The place where I go most often these days is a shop called Humana. For me, it is a place where I can spend my money with a calm heart and know that it is worth it, that I won’t overpay (most of the times) for a piece of cloth that might soon be irrelevant or become washed up.

HUMANA LT team supports the circular economy model, by encouraging more people to upcycle and give new life to used clothes. Our idea is to promote and practice a mindset where more people would give a second thought on buying new in a fast manner when there are many opportunities to buy trendy and fashionable second-hand items.

taken from https://www.humana.lt/en/home/

Humana’s operating principle is as follows:

  • STAGE 1 – New shipment of goods every month – at this stage Humana is more like an outlet because it is full of clothes which remained unsold in branded shopping center shops ( Zara, H&M, etc). Prices are quite high, but you can find new and qualitative clothes right off the shelves in shopping centers. Here it costs 2-3-4 times less;
  • STAGE 2 – After around 1 week ‘lucky 30 minutes’ starts in shops when you can buy items with big discounts, Humana employees usually announce it when it begins and keeps announcing continually for the next 30 minutes. They happen every few hours throughout the day all week. The quality of goods is decreasing, it is becoming more like a true second-hand shop;
  • STAGE 3 – Gradually increasing discounts every week from that point on until the prices reach 1-2 euro.

There are a few categories of clothes and other household items I buy from Humana:

  • Clothes to wear at home;
  • Clothes to wear at work;
  • Clothes to wear in public;
  • Sport clothes;
  • Bed linens, table cloths and other textiles for the home.
Public WorkHomeTextile
Stage 1++
Stage 2+++
Stage 3+

The table on the left shows the main principles of my shopping planning. It took some time to perfect it but in my opinion, it was worth it.

I even have an SMS subscription and I always know in which stage Humana is now. You can also check it on their website.

So if I lack something to wear or my clothes got ruined or washed off, I just decide on what precisely I need and head to Humana.

I still buy clothes in regular shops but not as often as before. I simply think that the clothes there lost it’s value a long time ago or they became really expensive compared to the quality of the clothes we had like 10 years ago. You can get similar quality in Stage 1 Humana without overpaying for it. And it won’t break your heart when a piece of cloth you bought recently will wash off after a few times.

I bought boots in second-hand stores only a few times and all of them were for work with dogs, so I didn’t need anything special, just sturdy, long-lasting or rubber boots.

I buy shoes/boots in a great outlet near me. It does not mean I find there what I look for every time, but I often hit a jackpot. Edmu buys there shoes very often because it saves a lot of time and you can get really good shoes if you manage to find your size. You just have to go there with a simple and open mind.

The same principle goes to all second-hand shopping – you have to go there with a simple and open mind. Then you will be amazed by what you can find there 🙂

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