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‘Batteries not included’ or why you should use rechargeable batteries


One rechargeable battery can take a place of 100 ordinary batteries. Have you ever thought about that?

It takes some time to understand how many things you have at home which runs on AA & AAA batteries: various remote controls, children’s toys, flashlights, keyboards, mouses, etc. The list goes on and on. While rechargeable batteries do not last forever but it’s definitely a more sustainable solution than single-use non-rechargeable batteries. Buying rechargeable batteries is kind of a win-win-win choice as:

  • It’s cheaper than using non-rechargeables;
  • It produces less waste which if not recycled goes to landfill and stays forever;
  • You don’t have to shop for it regularly so one less thing to worry about.

You could think, that rechargeable batteries cost a fortune, but if you think about the long term and the impact, it proves to be otherwise. Amazon even has its own brand – AmazonBasic and rechargeable batteries are the star of it. According to this source, one out of every $10 of AmazonBasics sales goes to batteries, and the AA battery makes up about 4 percent of AmazonBasics’ sales, which is apparently enough for AmazonBasics to overtake established battery brands like Energizer and Panasonic.

Battery charger
Battery charger

One other thing you will need besides rechargeable batteries is, naturally, a battery charger and a connection to a 220V electricity socket. Some chargers now have a USB connection.

Nowadays battery chargers became quite universal and have ports for various types of batteries in a single charger. AA and AAA are usual choices, but it can even support 9V or others if you choose the right charger.

Who is good with numbers?

At average one AmazonBasics rechargeable (NiMH) AA battery costs 1.32 eur, that is 11 eur a pack, a pack includes 8 batteries. AmazonBasic non-rechargeable (alkaline) AA pack of 48 batteries costs around 14 euro – ~0.3 euro per unit.

Good brand NiMH rechargeable batteries usually do not start losing capacity (performance) even after 50 cycles and can be usable up to few hundred cycles. This fact makes it a significantly cheaper and more environmentally friendly option to consider.

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