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Picking a quality leather belt that will last

leather belt

The solution to this problem is quite simple – you have to buy a thick full-grain leather belt. Leather is a premium material and in most cases, if it seems too cheap then it is probably not made of leather. The key factor is to avoid buying cheap belts because they are not as sturdy and will wear down faster than you think – in the long run, it will cost you more.

belt buckles

Another thing to consider is how comfortable it will be to wear a specific leather belt. It is especially important when buckles are considered because of their wide array of styles and shapes. My favourite shape would be square or U  shaped, but my main recommendation would be to avoid oversized buckles or buckles with sharp corners / edges.

Sometimes it’s hard to find a belt you would want to buy in a regular store so buying it online is the way to go – look for sellers with a decent amount of reviews (100+) and read through some – people do share pictures and mini-reviews / comments. Also read through the product description and look for dimensions (width) and material used. Etsy is a good place to find handmade leather accessories.

Details that should be considered while looking for a belt:

  • Length. In most cases it should match the length of your waist length – the middle hole on your belt will mark it. Double-check seller’s recommendations;
  • Width. In some photos, product dimensions may seem different than in real life. Usually, there is no difference between wider and narrower belt comfort-wise, unless you have a preference in one kind or another;
  • The buckle. My recommendation is to void oversized buckles, buckles with sharp edges/corners, intricate designs and shapes. The simpler the better.
  • Thickness / material. Make sure belt is made of single-layer full grain leather – there should be no stitching as stitches are used to hold multiple layers together. It’s quite impossible to check what’s between those layers w/o destroying the belt and it usually is a signal of something fishy as there is no point to stitch single or two layers of leather.
  • Seller (if buying online) – make sure the seller has multiple positive reviews also it is a good thing if the seller is listed on the platform for multiple years. Some sellers even offer a warranty – it shows sellers guarantee that the product will last.

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