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House plants from a supermarket – naivety versus reality


Mediana always loved tending for house plants, especially the ones that bloom (because you can see how efficient your care is), but recently the majority of our plants were left for their own demise. It simply became too much to care for each type of plant individually. Especially when all the windows in our apartment are facing the same side – north – west. So if the plants wanted to survive on their quite limited care – they survived, if not – oh well…

In recent years I noticed that it is very hard to get qualitative house plants or flowers – their survivability is often very limited when they are brought home. No matter if it is a cut flower or a plant in a pot. Basically, they start to wilt the next day or the day after. It breaks my heart so see that because the majority of flowers were gifts from Edmu.

I blamed a lot of factors – cold weather, not hermetic apartment windows, my neglect, Edmu for being not attentive (from not knowing where to look) enough when choosing the flower.

Recently my mom helped me to reach an important conclusion about which I had suspicions for quite a long time – plants and flowers in shops are basically designed to die when taken from certain conditions. Humidity, fertilizers, drafts, transportation or a simple journey across the street in the hand of your loved one can start irreversible decay processes.

The sad reality is the significant price (and quality, naturally) differences between plants from supermarkets and specialized flower shops. It encourages to buy flowers from supermarkets and basically bring home or give a disappointment as a gift. Even if you do everything correctly, it rarely guarantees the plant’s survivability, even less – that it will bloom again.

Discounted amaryllis vs amaryllis from a flower shop

Take for example amaryllis I bought a few years ago. It was a disappointment.

Of course, it was discounted and from a supermarket, because I was not sure I was up for the commitment this flower needs – you can’t just leave it on the window sill and water from time time. It requires special care.

The picture on the left was taken when I was writing this post. At that time I had my little amaryllis for around 1-2 years. Knowing the subtleties I did not expect the flower to bloom any time soon, but never during that period of time the bulb had grown and had more than 2 leaves. It just stands like this until the leaves start to wilt and I cut them off.

Now, the blooming amaryllis on the right was bought from a flower show and cost me 14 eur. I brought back home a flower pot with a huge bulb, signs of 2 racemes and some very small leaves. I really hoped that they won’t be affected by the cold weather during the journey home because it was still January.

In the next days, I was proven right because my amaryllis grew not 2 but3 recemes, that happened even before the leaves has kicked in. Now my only worry is that these beautiful blossoms won’t suck every nutrient from the bulb and that it would survive.

Even if it won’t, I will be totally happy, because my investment paid off and my childhood memory of my mother growing and making these plants bloom has come to life, even if just for a while.

That is why it is better to make the flower you are buying an investment – for the price you pay you get a bigger pot, bigger plant, bigger and more flowers. In exchange you have to invest relatively less effort and time in keeping the plant alive. You just have to place the plant somewhere partially sunny, without wind and not to overdue with watering. Basically, neglect in plain sight where you can admire your plant.

What is next? Find out in google using the card with the flower name attached to the plant.

Remember, there is nothing worse to get a potted bush of blooming roses from your loved one with the confession of eternal love, only to see, that the rose is already wilting and dying. For a woman is says that there is no bright future ahead or that your loved one is blind 😀

Alternative suggestion – buy something tasty instead of flowers 😉

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