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Stigmatizing gaming – challenge yourself to perceive it differently

gaming stigma

As I got older I started realizing how much video games and gaming gave me over the years – languages learned, strategic thinking, boyfriends, versatility, diminishing social anxiety, and friends from all corners of Europe (mostly).

I was told, that when I will grow up, I won’t have time for that. Now at 32 years old, I realized that this time still did not come. Because I will always need an escape from reality, no matter if it will be provided by books, video games, or time spent in nature. I would not have survived the 2020 spring COVID-19 lockdown without gaming because I did not need to work, and now at 2021 lockdown it provides me with tools to relax after hard mental work. I doubt that it will changes over the years, maybe just the time I will spend gaming.

Nowadays gaming became almost mainstream and it sometimes gets me off guard, because when I started 16 years ago everyone thought “this girl is crazy, she will go nowhere, it will ruin her life, she will grow out of it”.

SURPRISE! I have PhD in environmental engineering, 4 years of volunteering experience, learned Russian due to gaming, immense knowledge of pet care, a happy life with a loving husband (who is also a long time gamer) that has a prestigious job, a house that we are now renovating, and a job in the government. Everything during these past 16 years of gaming. So I am living proof that everything depends on determination, your life’s agenda, pure will, and the work you are willing to put in.

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