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Cast Iron Pan – first thing in the list

cast iron pan buy it for life (1)

Once upon a time, we needed to buy a new pan because the old one got ruined. As ceramic or Teflon pans already have failed our hopes we were facing a hard decision – which pan to buy to make it last longer than the previous one. Mediana thought Edmu went nuts when he offered to buy cast iron pan (trauma from the childhood and memories that cast iron pan always was difficult to handle and food got ruined quite often). After a long and repetitive discussion, Edmu won and Mediana gave up – we got the pan from Amazon.

Truth to be told, cast iron pan is the first BIFL product that comes to mind when thinking about this concept. And here is why:

  • It does not wear out and is almost indestructible;
  • Cast iron pans are made by casting and can’t be manipulated after the initial that’s why it is so thick.
  • Thickness carries both pros and cons – thickness provides good heat distribution, makes it durable and lasting, hard to destroy but it also makes the pan heavy.
  • Unused, rusty cast iron pan can be always recovered to usable condition by scrubbing and seasoning.
  • Once seasoned it lasts for a very long time and once the seasoned coat gets damaged it can be reapplied as many times as needed. Learn how to do the seasoning here. All other times it is enough just to properly wash the pan.
cast iron pan buy it for life (1)

Fun facts:

  • Cast iron pans are made from iron-carbon alloy, one of the oldest alloy used by humans;
  • Unlike some myths cast iron pan is non-sticky if it is seasoned and heated correctly.
  • Another myth is that you can’t use degreasers – seasoned coat can handle soft scrubbing and standard dish-washing degreasers.

By the way, the secret to successfully cooking with cast iron pan is that you MUST first preheat the pan with oil until the oil starts steaming a bit and ONLY then place the food in the pan. If you won’t have patience and will put the food earlier, it will get stuck to the pan, the food will get ruined and after cooking you will have a lot of work scrubbing and washing the pan.

In the finale, Mediana was proved to be wrong – you just have to adjust to care for your pan and grow your hand muscles by doing the heavy lifting. Or make the husband do the dishes 😉

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