About us

There is nothing specious about us from the first glance.

We are two simple people living a simple life with sometimes unusual life choices. Well actually, there are only 2 or 3 unusual life choices that we made separately before meeting each other or together as a couple:

  • We are both gamers (still);
  • We traded kids for pets (at least so far);
  • We could live a more comfortable or expensive lifestyle, but we choose not to.

Is this all? Well, hot damn, I thought there would be more. Maybe it is hard to asses from your own subjective perspective and avoid trying to sound vain.

Dear reader, as you will probably notice our texts will sometimes have a grain of sarcasm or be too ‘matter of factly’. Well let me introduce us, the girl nicknamed Mediana is a sarcastic engineer and the boy Edmu is an IT engineer.

Mediana and Edmu

We both grew up in post-Soviet Union Lithuania, our working-class families were never very rich, but it was enough to grow up as descent human being. Well maybe except that part when we started gaming when we were 12-14 years old and never finished. According to our families at one or other point in life, we should have failed more than once because of that.

Oh well, sorry to disappoint – Mediana has finished Ph.D. in Environmental engineering and Edmu is a well-valued programmer in his field.

I never knew if Edmu was frugal with reason or had multiple personalities. And one day he found an ideology called ‘buy it for life’ (BIFL) that seemed to fit his thinking. After introducing Mediana to BIFL, we both decided that we quite often use BIFL with reason.

Mediana never liked extremes and extreme measures, Edmu sometimes can’t cope with his habits without taking them to extremes. Perfect couple, huh?